And so…

January 13, 2010

The water is kind of working right now.  The pipe that burst has been taken out of the equation – we don’t have water going to the washer right now – so its been turned back on.  We are still in the process of looking for someplace new cause its only a matter of time before something else happens here.  I hope whatever calamity is yet to occur can wait until we are safely moved out.  I half expect the whole house to collapse.



January 11, 2010

So…My significant other and myself are both enrolled in online courses.  Normally, this would not be a big deal, but at the moment, my rig is down for the count.  I need a new hard drive, but I’ve been reluctant to purchase one when I am in need of a completely new desktop, and would rather save ever little scrap I would be spending on a computer to go into that.  Now, problems arise when one of us is diligently doing work (96.9% of the time me) and the other person summarily ursurps the computer complaining about how they have their own school work to do…and then spend the next hour and a half dicking around on fucking myspace.  Its enough to raise one’s blood pressure.  Especially when the assignment you are working on is due later that fucking day.  To further complicate matters, you are also well aware of the fact that the rest of the evening is planned, so there will be no time to do any work until after the little munchkin (can’t forget him) goes to bed for the night.  Now, I’m sure anyone can see how I’d be a little pissed off about that wasted hour and a half sitting there with my thumb up my ass (I was actually reading a book, but, whatever) while you fuck around on a social networking site instead of doing the work you claimed you needed to do.

As a side note, the girl that checked me (took my money idiot) at the movie rental place was gorgeous.  Absolutely smoking.  That just needed to be said.  I probably should have told her.  Women seem to appreciate hearing that periodically from people who aren’t drunk and trying to tear their clothes off.  Heh.